The Canada UK Foundation Launches Postdoctoral Fellowship for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the University of Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, UK, June 14, 2018– The Canada UK Foundation announced today the creation of a postdoctoral fellowship program for innovation and entrepreneurship with the University of Cambridge. The programme is being founded to develop and strengthen the skills required for postdoctoral researchers to become successful innovators and entrepreneurs by embedding them in internationally leading centres of excellence in Canada and the UK. The programme will be managed by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPdA) and the University of Cambridge, and funded by the Canada-UK Foundation and donors. Crucially, the Canada-UK Foundation will develop a network of support for the Fellows that will engage them with innovators, government and businesses in Canada.


“A substantial proportion of postdocs find their careers in business or commercialising innovations. With the launch of this fellowship we wish to provide a scaffolding of support for future innovators focusing in the science and technology space in Canada and the UK,” said Fiona Colegrave, chair of the Canada UK Foundation.


The fellowships will be awarded to postdoctoral staff that have a current contract at the University of Cambridge or a University Partner Institution (UPI). Applications are open to all postdoctoral researchers who demonstrate a keen interest in innovation and entrepreneurship.


Cambridge is a leading “entrepreneurship ecosystem” with over 4,700 innovative companies founded in Cambridge. Building on that local strength, this new fellowship will bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds while strengthening the fellows’ connection to the international community.


Applicants for the fellowship will meet today in Cambridge to pitch their research and network with key decision makers. Decisions will be made based on the applicant’s academic quality and research track record, evidence of independence and leadership skills, and demonstrated impact and engagement outside of their research.


About the Canada UK Foundation

The Canada-UK Foundation was established in 1975 to support teaching, research and publishing about Canada in the United Kingdom, and to promote academic links and student exchanges between Canadian and British universities. The foundation supports these activities through grants, travel awards and the funding of academic posts and scholarships at British universities. The foundation is supported by companies and individuals who donate or raise money to finance the organisation’s initiatives.


About the University of Cambridge

The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence. It is made up of 31 autonomous Colleges, which admit undergraduates and provide small-group tuition, and 150 departments, faculties and institutions. It is a global university: its 20,000 student body includes 3,700 international students from more than 120 countries. Cambridge researchers collaborate with colleagues worldwide, and the University has established larger-scale partnerships in Asia, Africa and America.