Canadian entrepreneurial and innovation fellowship

Canadian entrepreneurial and innovation fellowship
  • Promote careers of young postdoctoral scientists
  • Leverage unique country specific areas of expertise
  • Build international academic and industrial net works

Support talented young Canadian national scientists to undertake innovate academic research in the UK.

Promote the flow of knowledge, technologies and talent between Canada and the UK in areas of strategic importance

Candidate Profile & Selection

The selection criteria will be weighted heavily on the quality of applicant, the originality and quality of the proposal and the suitability of the partnering


Successful candidates will receive a competitive stipend funded for two or three years, including relocation and health care coverage, with provision for accompanying dependents if required. Stipends will contribute to research costs (with the partnering lab), provision for travel, research & entrepreneurial training towards developing tomorrows international leaders.

Common Vision

Canada and the United Kingdom share strategic vision in many areas of research where industrial/academic relationships can be developed further. This fellowship program will enhance such relationships by creating a cadre of young Canadian researchers with international experience in academia and industry. The program will be launched in Cambridge, UK where the Cambridge Phenomenon

( has captured the attention of industry, academic and political leaders for being an outstanding incubator for growing academic ideas into world-changing technologies and innovative new companies. Following Cambridge, the Canada-UK Foundation would like to extend this to other universities.

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