Canada UK Post Doctoral Fellowships in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Canada UK Post Doctoral Fellowships in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A shared past to a sustainable shared future, Canada and the UK – developing the next generation of Global Innovators.

Promoting the careers of talented young postdoctoral researchers who are from or have a strong interest in Canada, the CanUK Fellowships empower future world-leaders in their fields. Piloted with the University of Cambridge’s Office for Postdoctoral Affairs, the Fellowships’ first cohort is in place for 2018 and has a goal of making Fellows career-ready through an 18 month detailed programme of exposure to leading innovation and entrepreneurship training in the UK and Canada. This will also deepen relationships between UK and Canadian academic and industrial centres of excellence.

The Best of Canada in the UK

CanUK Fellows will participate in a programme designed by the Canada-UK Foundation to give them an understanding of and network of support in Canada and UK. Tailored to the CanUK Fellow’s fields of expertise, this programme will include working with partner universities and organisations in Canada, and a series of Canadian oriented events in the UK. The goal is to have CanUK Fellows fully understand the Canadian environment relevant to their field of research, better enabling links with Canadian and UK business, academia, governments and innovation centres.

Meeting Global Challenges in Academia and Entrepreneurship

In recent years an overwhelming increase in the number of early career researchers globally has increasingly limited the career prospects for new PhDs within academia. Many talented young scientists are choosing to actively seek alternative careers in industry, innovation and entrepreneurship. The CanUK Fellowship will provide the best and brightest of these with training and exposure that can help them to achieve their professional goals.

Fostering a Shared Strategic Vision

Canada and the UK have a long established industrial, academic and cultural joint heritage which enables and encourages cross-atlantic collaboration. Bolstered by this shared strategic vision for the future of technological advances in key sectors, CanUK Fellows will be able to tap in to the best that both Canada and the UK have to offer.

Linking the Research and Industrial Sectors through Innovation

CanUK Fellows are encouraged to bolster their skills in research with an appreciation for and cultivation of those skills required in industry and business. CanUK Fellows receive training and sponsorship to pursue entrepreneurialism in order to achieve exceptional “career ready” outcomes in academia, business and industry.

Driving Performance through the Cultivation of Excellence

The CanUK Fellowships support an international class of world-leading academic and research pioneers, identifying and promoting only the most distinguished of international talents. Cultivated in Canada, Cambridge and around the world, these outstanding leaders represent the brightest future of their fields.