Canada-UK Foundation announces sponsorship with Air Canada

London, United Kingdom, 24 September 2018 – Following the success of its 2018 Travel Awards, the Canada-UK Foundation is delighted to announce its partnership with Air Canada.

Air Canada will be sponsoring two scholars of the Canada-UK Foundation’s Discover Canada Awards by providing free flights to the successful candidates.  

The Discover Canada Awards are available to assist faculty and doctoral students pursuing Canadianist research in a UK university. Qualifying candidates need to make a research visit to Canada, lasting a minimum of one week.

The Air Canada Travel award will be awarded to two scholars, with a particular interest in indigenous studies.

“We are extremely grateful to receive continued support from Air Canada that will enable the Canada-UK Foundation to allow two UK scholars to pursue their research in Canada, says Chair of the Canada-UK Foundation, Fiona Colegrave. “It is also particularly exciting that Air Canada has chosen Indigenous Studies as a theme for their awards.”

Applications close on 31 December 2018.