Aoife O’Higgins

Aoife O’Higgins

University of Oxford


In May 2018 Aoife visited Canada to discuss the findings and implications of her PhD. Using data collected by a research team at the University of Ottawa she completed a systematic review of the existing evidence on the factors associated with poor educational outcomes as well as an empirical analysis of the ways in which carers are involved with and support the education of children in care. Aoife’s main findings indicate that foster and kinship carers’ high aspirations predict the future school performance of teenagers in care.

Aoife also gave a presentation of her work to researchers, practitioners (mainly social workers and Children’s Aid Society managers) and policy makers at the University of Ottawa as well as at PART (Practice and Research Together), in Toronto.

Thanks to the grant from the Canada Foundation Aoife was able to maintain and further develop a strong partnership with researchers at the University of Ottawa; which resulted in co-authored publications with several researchers there.