Alice Higgs

Alice Higgs

University of Sheffield


Alice is working towards a PhD in the Department of English Literature, her thesis title is ‘Representing animals, representing Canada’

Her research offers the first systematic study of the fictional representation of animals in Canadian literature since 1960. It examines the way in which literary accounts of animal lives, and human relationships with them, open up new ways of understanding Canadian identity. Alice’s thesis explores a diverse range of Canadian literatures to examine how the multicultural makeup of Canada’s literary canon produces different ways of approaching animals. It analyses the determining force of specifically Canadian perceptions of space and critical reconfigurations of established knowledges about animals and human encounters with them; to do so it develops a theoretical framework based on postcolonial thinkers, such as Laura Moss and Dennis Lee, and the work of Michel Foucault.

The support that the Canada-UK Foundation has permitted her to do this research at The University of Sheffield, which has extensive Canadianist resources and excellent academics.