Dr Kevin Kane

Dr Kevin Kane

Dr. Kevin James Kane

University of Salford


In July 2018 Kevin travelled to the University of Waterloo, Ontario to meet Dr. Sean Geobey and understand how they have developed novel approaches to social innovation and the creation of resilience in deprived communities through their Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience (WISIR). The University of Waterloo creates relationships with local government, social enterprises and charitable foundations in order to solve social problems in a way that is innovative and creative.

The ideas, tools and approaches developed in Waterloo are world-leading in this sphere and Kevin intends to work with Dr. Geobey to enable their transfer and application to the community of Salford through the University of Salford’s Centre for Social Business of which he is the director. Kevin also  plans to work with him on a joint paper comparing the issues we see in both Canada and the UK in the area of social enterprise and the role of Universities in helping deprived communities overcome their problems.