The mission of the Canada – UK Foundation is to foster a greater understanding of Canada in the UK through education.We have broadened our strategic focus whilst remaining true to our history and charitable mandate by working to create partnerships linking the academic and non-academic worlds to foster the understanding of Canada and its contributions across a wide range of subjects.

Recently the Canada-UK Foundation has broadened its mission to create partnerships linking the academic and non-academic worlds to foster the understanding of Canadian content and contribution across a wide range of subjects.

This includes Arctic Alive in partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the Canadian Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fellowship with the University of Cambridge. Arctic Alive has reached thousands of primary students in the UK and teaches British pupils about Canada’s North while shedding light on British Arctic exploration.

This exciting initiative has been featured at Canada House, the National Maritime Museum, Canada’s 150th in Trafalgar Square, and at the National Gallery in 2017. Check out our annual reports for more information on our award recipients and our past initiatives.

For ways to get involved please contact admin@canadaukfoundation.org

Canada-UK Foundation (number:1168630) and The Foundation for Canadian Studies in the United Kingdom is a Registered Charity in England and Wales (number: 267927)


The Canada-UK Foundation, then known as the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK, was established in 1975 to support teaching, research and publishing about Canada in the United Kingdom, and to promote academic links and student exchanges between Canadian and British universities. We support these activities through grants, travel awards and the funding of academic posts and scholarships at British universities. In turn, we are supported by companies and individuals who donate or raise money to finance our activities.

Britain and Canada have many common interests and, to an extent, a shared history, and although Canadian-British relations have not had the high profile of British-US relations, the “quiet alliance” between our two countries has been strong and enduring. By telling the Canadian story here in the UK, through education, events, and research, the UK and Canada are brought closer together. The Foundation has and will continue to, contribute to this by developing academic partnerships, joint research projects, and activities that enrich the bilateral relationship.

Canada-UK Foundation and the High Commission of Canada in the UK

The High Commission of Canada in the UK has, throughout the Canada-UK Foundation’s 40-year history, supported and encouraged the Foundation to meet its charitable mission.  We maintain a mutually supportive relationship and have co-operated in supporting their educational needs while pursuing our own individual priorities within these areas.


Annual Report and Accounts are prepared annually as at 31st July.

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