What is it?

Free Resource

The Arctic Alive giant floor map program is a free resource offered to teachers of Keystage 2 students,
and is specifically aimed at Years 4-6.  Maps come in two sizes: 6.5 x 6.5 meters and 7.5 x 7.5 meters.

Each circumpolar floor map comes complete with a trunk of additional supplies to further enhance
students’ learning experience…

An Interactive experience

Resources include: map legends, activity cards, props and more. In addition, a teacher guide with five
curriculum-linked activities will help bring the map to life.

With a diameter of almost eight metres, when this circular map is unrolled onto a gymnasium floor, it will
enable your students to explore the Arctic as never before.

Lesson Options

The five associated activities were developed by teachers with the intention of extending your students’
understanding of the animals, plants, people, history and future of the Arctic.

Lesson plans

What is the arctic?

Understanding a circumpolar map

Arctic flora and fauna

Arctic ice and climate change

Exploring the arctic

Giant Map

Download the lessons individually at the links above, or download
all 5 lessons in one PDF.

Is this for me?

Do you… Teach geography?
Have an indoor space that is at least 8 x 8 metres? Wish to incorporate new and innovative teaching tools into your classroom?

How to apply for a visit

If you are interested in having the map and associated activity kit visit your school, please complete the below booking form and contact: admin@canadaukfoundation.org.

Within a few weeks of your email you will be contacted to coordinate the free shipping of the map to your school.


This map was made by the Canada-UK Foundation in partnership with The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. The Canada-UK Foundation exists to support and foster a greater understanding of Canada and the contributions made by Canadians to the international community.